Delgado Travel Agency Connects Families Nationally and Internationally

Delgado Travel Agency

Offering an array of travel, courier, communications, and financial services, Delgado Travel Agency, Inc., operates from its Jackson Heights, New York, headquarters and maintains multiple offices throughout the United States, Mexico, and Ecuador. The company focuses on connecting customers to their families regardless of distance. Furthermore, Delgado Travel Agency maintains a customer-first business model and strives for personalized experiences that take into account customer feedback.

The company’s travel agency services include assistance with booking flights, hotels, and vehicle rentals through a range of affiliated providers and airlines. Customers may also select from package deals for popular destinations such as Disney World, Niagara Falls, and Cancun. These packages include costs for multiple nights, meal plans, and attraction tickets. Commercial airline partners include Delta Airlines, American Airlines, AirEuropa, and United, among others.

In addition, customers can stay connected with their families through affordable telecommunication plans. The firm also operates Global Radial Delgado. The radio station broadcasts informational and entertainment programming that shares the culture of Ecuador.